Year 3 French Showcase

Year 3 have been sharing what they have learned in their French lessons with the children of Year R, Year 1 and Year 2.

They were asked questions like 'Comment t'appelles-tu?'(What is your name?), 'Quel âge as-tu?'(How old are you?), 'Ou habites -tu?'(Where do you live) and 'Ca va?' (How are you?) and some VERY brave members of Class 3 stood up on their own and answered in French!  

They also performed the Greetings song (to a Lady Gaga tune!), Sur le Pont D'Avignon (with a little dance) and Frère Jacques. Well done to our audience for joining in with the final song AND singing it in a round! We look forward to teaching you French very soon!


Bravo! Fantastique!