A Cross around the World


On 8th March our Year 6 joined some children from Red Hill Church of England Primary School at St Martin's Church, London Rd, to learn about the significance of the Cross from Christians all around the world. Our morning was supported by Reverend Ken Boyce, who led our Service and also took part in the activities with the children.


They took part in a variety of creative workshops based on the cross and wrote Easter prayers, made stained glass windows, palm crosses and took part in a scavenger hunt, finding clues that refer back to the importance of the Cross to Christians. 


It was a super, enriching morning of friendship, togetherness and celebration.


Here is the song we performed together...


When I think about the cross

When I think of Jesus

I'm reminded of his love

Love that never leaves me

Who am I 

that he should die?

Giving life so freely

When I think about the cross

Help me to believe it.