Hedgehog Hotel


In recent decades the UK has seen a massive decline in hedgehog numbers.  

As each spring draws to a close hedgehogs come out of hibernation looking for a safe place to eat, rest and breed.  Eco School thought it would be a lovely idea to built our very own Hog Hotel in the grounds of Forest School, hopefully to encourage our prickly friends.

A quiet spot, away from the wind was chosen.  Cosy bedding, water and some appetising food laid down.  Research told us they are very partial to crushed dog biscuits and mealworms.  Finally the lid of the hotel was secured with bricks and heavy logs to stop any unwelcome visitors!

We will monitor the area closely over the next few months, especially during late afternoons.  We have even learnt the 'Hedgehog song' to help encourage hogs and hoglets to visit us.

Welcoming hogs is just one of the ways we at Whittington are trying to encourage biodiversity to our school site. Watch this space!