Eco-School visited Hereford and Worcestershire's Household Recycling Plant in Norton.  The children took a guided tour of the site and were educated on how waste is sorted, baled and transported across the UK and Europe, to be made into new products.  Our guide, Kate Stott, was fabulous and everyone (including staff) learned an awful lot!  Top tips included:

Foil and black plastics aren't recyclable.

Anything that makes a 'crunch' sound when squeezed probably isn't recyclable.

 Never put soiled or dirty items into your recycling bin either, as everything else will become contaminated and need to be taken to landfill instead.

As a result of this trip we have launched our new whole school initiative 'Wasteless Wednesday'.  On the first Wednesday of each month we hope to encourage packed lunch pupils to bring in a wrapper free meal.  No cling film, foil or plastic bags to wrap sandwiches up in; no crisps or chocolate bar wrappers or drinks cartons either.  Instead Kate suggests sandwiches straight into plastic boxes; fresh friut and yoghurts decanted from big pots into washable tubs.  The idea is to keep things simplier and healthier.  Can you have a go and see if you could make a change towards being greener?  

Thank you.