Creative Prayer Spring 2016


Emma Pettifer from the Diocese came in to see us all and spent time in class with the children, thinking and talking about why people pray and what they pray for.

The children created a Prayer meal - which comprised a balanced diet of things that we want to say THANK YOU, SORRY or PLEASE for, along with reflecting on those moments in life that make us say  'WOW!'


The children then got to experience the Prayer Room which was filled with wonderful activities and experiences such as the bubble tube that lifts prayers up to God, a forgiveness area, where children can write things they are sorry for and then rub them away. There was also a time to think about worries - and the children dropped their worry into a water bowl and watched it dissolve and fizz away.  


A world map was displayed and children were given the opportunity to think about our wider world and the lives of others. 





It was an incredibly positive and affirming experience. Please find below a few quotes from Year 6 in response to their experience.

Oliver - I felt happy because I was thinking about God and how He created the world.


Amber - I loved the silence because you got to think about what has been happening. I really liked dropping in the tablet because God dissolved my troubles away.


Keira - I felt quite excited because I hadn't experienced the things before and it made me think more. I thought about God and other people.


Lewis - It was great just to feel happy that I can let everything out and be happy. Think happy and carry on with life.


Georgia - I thought it was really good - we can think about God in class but going into a proper room it felt like God was there.