Remembrance 2018


A huge THANK YOU  to everyone who contributed a poppy with a wish or a prayer for peace to our Poppies of Peace display. It will be displayed in Church for our service of Remembrance and will then return to school for all who wish to view it. 

Thanks also to the Year 6 team who brought the vision of Remembrance to life! 

Here are a few of your words of PEACE...

Dear Lord

Help us to build a world of peace and harmony.

Let us remember the fallen heroes and give thanks for their sacrifice.

                                                                                                   The Freeman Family

Heavenly Father

Teach us how to live together healthily, safely and peacefully.

                                                                                                  The Boulton Family


We don’t know those who have fallen, but we owe great thanks to them all

                                                                                                   The Barry Family


Dear God

I pray for anyone who fought in the war to have a great home with you in Heaven. Let us also pray for no more wars on Earth.

                                                                                   The Deakin-Woods Family


Dear Father

Help us to remember the soldiers who died in World War I, but also those who survived and had to live with the memories.  Let us have the wisdom to avoid conflict in the future.

                                                                                                      The Edwards Family

Dear God

Help us to pray for no more wars and to stop the killing of others. Let us live in peace and with love.

                                                                                                     The Wilkinson Family



Help us all to accept each other’s differences, be it the colour of our skin or what we choose to call our God – to enable us to live together in PEACE.


                                                                                                       The  White Family


I wish you peace

I wish you well

I wish you happiness

I wish you to be loved

                                                                                From Joshua Long and family


I wish for everyone to be friends forever       

                                                                                       The Porter Family


Peace always begins with a smile.

I wish everyone could be friends.

I wish there was no more hate.

Peace is always beautiful.     

                                                                                                The Thomas Family


Heavenly Father

Stop us from hurting and killing one another. Help us to live in joy and fill the world with peace and happiness.

                                                                                                The Bufton Family




Heavenly Father

I wish for world harmony.

For no war, so we can all get along.

I wish we could all have great friendships and that the people of our world can live in peace.

                                                                                                The Challis Family


A rich man helping a poor man

A convict dancing with a child

All people put aside their differences

And share a hope that’s wild

A shout comes out of the open

Like a footstep falling on the sand

All people together proclaim

That there is peace in this land.

                                                                                            The Brown Family


One of the most important things we should strive for is peace of mind. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of everything and still be calm in your heart.

                                                                                      The Davies Family