Spirited Arts Day June 2016

Where is God today?

Non-believers and believers of all kinds all have something to say about God and where to find him – or her. Is God nowhere, or hiding? Is God in your heart, or in the sacred texts? Is God far away, or close at hand ? Can we find God in nature, or in worship? Do some people find God in suffering or pain?

Where is God today?

Where, O, Where is God today?

Is He nearby or far away?

Can He be found or is He hiding?

Tucked within a silver lining?

Glowing in the warm sunlight?

Twinkling in the dark of night?

Flowing gently down the stream?

Watching quietly as we dream?

Underneath the butterfly wing?

Or in our voices, when we sing?

In ocean depths or deserts dry?

A rainbow promise in the sky?

In our minds or in our hearts?

In musical melodies  or spirited arts?

Through the window, beyond the door?

High above or on the floor?

At our side and always there?

Or nowhere near and doesn’t care?

In our tears of joy or pain?

Or in each quenching drop of rain?

In baby’s laugh or puppy’s bark?

Or in the sweet song of the lark?

Is He nearby or far away?

Where, O Where is God today?