• Pupils will learn to be young historians and achieve a sense of their own identity by investigating and asking questions about people and events in the past. Understanding also how the past was different to the present and the people of other times and places may have had different values and attitudes from our own.
  • Pupils will develop the skills required to be a young historian.
  • Pupils will understand chronology as the arranging of events in appropriate time order Thus they will achieve a sense of their own identity in relation to time.
  • Pupils will learn to be historians by  evaluating and questioning contemporaneous evidence.
  • Pupils will use appropriate historical vocabulary.

Cultural Capital

In addition to curriculum lesson time there are:

  • Visitors invited to school to speak about a certain aspect of history
  • History museum experience in school.
  • Whole School history day will investigate many historical periods
  • School visits of a historical nature.
KS2 enjoyed a Horrible Histories Theatre production
  • history

If you would like any further information about our History Curriculum at Whittington, please do not hesitate to contact the School.

History Curriculum Lead – Mrs Gaynor Mills

Head of Curriculum – Mrs Kelly Leeming

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