Pupil Premium

Whittington Church of England Primary School receives extra funding for every pupil in receipt of free school meals. The money will be spent on ensuring that the pupils who attract the money have full access to the curriculum, and targeted support which allows these pupils to fulfill their potential. We will achieve this through 3 key priorities:

Priority 1 – Narrowing the gap

The key priority for the pupil premium is to narrow the gap between the attainment of children on free school meals and their peers. This will be achieved by focused additional teaching of these pupils, including extra small group support with teaching assistants and class teachers.

Regular pupil progress meetings will establish whether this additional support is having a positive impact. 

Priority 2 – Accelerating progress

If funded pupils are achieving expected levels of progress or exceeding them, then the grant will be used to support initiatives which accelerate progress.  This will be achieved through targeted support from the class teacher and teaching assistants, as well as opportunities to participate in enrichment activities such as maths days or theatre trips etc.

Regular pupil progress meetings will establish whether this additional support is having a positive impact.

Priority 3 – Enriching the curriculum

Funding will also be used to give funded pupils access to school life in the broadest sense. At Whittington we are committed to allowing all pupils access to every aspect of school life, even if there is a financial cost. Because of this commitment we make available a proportion of the grant directly to the family of the funded child. This money can be spent on anything which facilitates access to all aspects of school life, so the money could be used for uniform, school trips, extra-curricular activities music tuition etc.

To see the PUPIL PREMIUM REPORT TO PARENTS (2018 – 2019) please click here. 

To see the Pupil Premium Expenditure between September 2019 and September 2020 please click on the link below

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