Staffing Structure

Head Teacher – Mr Gary Richards

Deputy Head Teacher – Mrs Kelly Leeming

Head of KS1 – Mrs Kelly Leeming

Head of KS2 – Mr Paul Maguire

Inclusion Co-ordinator -Mrs Helen Wilcox

Reception Class Teacher – Mrs Kelly Leeming

Year 1 Class Teacher – Miss Charlotte Burton

Year 2 Class Teacher – Mrs Bernadette Sheppard

Year 3 Class Teachers – Mrs Gaynor Mills and Mrs Alison Williams

Year 4 Class Teacher – Miss Clare Barry

Year 5 Class Teacher – Miss Rebecca Byford

Year 6 Class Teacher – Mr Paul Maguire

Teaching Assistants

EYFS – Mrs Hall, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Davies, Mrs Garratt

KS1 – Mrs Garrett and Miss Swallow

KS2 – Mrs Beazley, Mrs Blanchard, Mrs Garratt, Mr George, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Henwood, Mrs Price, Mrs Woolvern,

School Secretaries – Mrs Bourne, Mrs Williams, Mrs Voss.

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