Pilgrim's Quest 2018


Year 4 had a wonderful day on their recent pilgrimage to Worcester Cathedral. They took part in a Service of Welcome in the magnificent Nave and were then given the opportunity to explore the building with an expert guide. The children took part in creative prayer activities and enjoyed making labyrinths, gargoyles and shells in the arts and crafts session. It was a really positive day all round and the children enjoyed the peace and wonder of this setting. 

 Here are some of their thoughts: 

“I felt calm in the cathedral because it was so quiet and peaceful.” - Ellie
“I was excited to explore because I had never been to the cathedral before.” - Noor
“There were so many things to see and learn about.” - Scarlett
“I enjoyed the stillness, away from the crowds and noise.” - Ruby
“A pilgrimage is a journey of faith.” - Charlie