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Menus will be available on Saturday 18th December.  Please try and place orders over this weekend so that if there are any problems there will be plenty of time to sort them out.  (Obviously, it is a very busy time, but if you get registered before we break up it shouldn’t be too time consuming).

When you place an order you will receive an email confirmation.  If you do not receive an email confirmation then you have not placed an order!!


Update 24th November 2021

Aspens are currently our lunchtime provider and, as you know, we have not been receiving the service which any of us expect or indeed need for the children’s lunches.

We are really pleased to have engaged Red Hen Cookery, based in St Johns, to start with us here at Whittington from January 2022.  You are now able to register your children on their website, in preparation for our menus being available.

The website works like any shopping website, in that you choose your options, add them to a basket and pay at checkout.  A point to be aware of is that Red Hen are a small, family run business, and, with this in mind, they do require meals to be ordered 5 days ahead of time i.e. If you require a meal on a Monday you will need to have placed your order by the previous Wednesday.  If you have forgotten to place your orders you will need to send your child in with a packed lunch as there will be no provision for orders not placed.

You can register your child/ren on their website and we will let you know as soon as you are able to place initial orders.

Please find attached the Red Hen School Meals Online Ordering Guide, which also describes how to register yourself and your child/ren.

If you have any problems with the system please send an email to Red Hen Cookery and they should be able to help.

Thank you


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