Severe Weather Arrangements

In the event of severe weather especially significant falls of snow, there are four sources of information for parents to find out about whether the school needs to close. 

  1. Text messages will be sent to all parents on our database informing them of a school closure. It is vital that the school has your current mobile telephone number.
  2. The school website will now be updated in the event of school closure due to bad weather. The information will be displayed in the scrolling message at the top of the homepage.
  3.   Parents can listen to the local radio stations BBC Hereford and Worcester (104.0 FM) and Free Radio (102.0 FM)who announce all the schools that have closed. This is not particularly helpful because there can be a long delay between the school phoning the information into the station and them announcing it. We will continue to announce any closures through this method.
  4.  School closures are also publicised on the County Council Website:

Always assume the school is open unless you are informed by the methods above.

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