Year 3


This half term we have read ‘James and the Giant Peach as a class story. Our class text to support guided reading sessions is ‘Stone Age Boy’ as well as a selection of shorter texts . We have particularly focused on retrieval of information using comprehension tasks and answering questions requiring explanation.


Our focus in writing has been non chronological report writing- including factual accounts of our Diwali day, letters of thanks to Bishops Wood outlining our favourite activities and a report on the children’s own invented crazy animals.

Grammar and Spelling

This half-term our Grammar focus has been on verb tenses.  We have revised using the simple and progressive past and present tenses, and learned the present perfect tense.  We have been trying to make sure our writing uses the correct verb tense.

In Spelling some children have been learning to spell words with prefixes and some children have been revising spelling patterns from KS1.


In Arithmetic our focus has been addition and subtraction, both mental and written methods.  This has included adding and subtracting single digits, multiples of ten and multiples of hundred from three digit numbers.  We have also been learning to use the formal column method for both operations.  In addition, we have been learning the 3 and 4 times tables and related division facts.

In Topic Maths our focus this half term has been statistics. This has included interpreting data using bar charts, pictograms and tables We have also been working on recognizing and describing 2D Shapes, including Right Angles

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