Year 6


Our class text for this term is ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. Most of our guided reading sessions will be based around this text so it is important that children read it regularly (one – two chapter(s) per day).


We will be writing a fictitious recount based around the text ‘Shackleton’s Journey’; a mystery story based on a video clip entitled ‘Road’s End’; and a diary entry based on the text ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’.

As part of our writing, we will revise most of the grammar, punctuation and spelling taught in KS2. New content taught will be based around vocabulary for informal and formal types of writing.


We will revise arithmetic methods taught in KS2 and develop the accuracy of our answers. Children will learn to express missing number problems algebraically and use simple formulae. They will also begin to solve increasingly challenging questions that involve converting units of measurement. 

  • year 6

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